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How Can I Pray for You?

Life has struggles. We all go through hardships. And we all stumble. But whether it’s something you’re going through, something on your mind for someone else, or something you just need to share with someone, things are unlocked, and others bound when we bring things to the Throne of Grace and lay them at the Master’s feet. And I’m here to do that with you, in whatever you might need prayer for. Our God is a loving God, and He hears out every request we bring Him, and He cares about it. He in His wisdom will work it out for His glory, and your good, even if you do not see it. He has only ever desired the best for you. No name or email is required, but if you so desire, you can input a name, or email, and I will do my best to get back with you if you do leave an email address. All prayer requests will be kept confidential, between me and the Father, unless you otherwise give permission. I’d love to pray for you!