About This Blog

In Exodus 17, the Israelites are battling the Amalekites, and a strange thing determines the battle. When Moses raises his hands, the Israelites gain the upper hand. Yet when Moses lets them fall, the Amalekites surge forward and the Israelites fall back. So with the aid of two other men, Moses keeps his hands up until the battle is finished, and the Israelites have won the victory.

After the battle, Moses goes and builds an altar, naming it, “the LORD is my banner.” And the LORD is the banner I seek to raise. He is the one who gives victory over the enemy, and strength for the day. His ways are right, and His word will endure forever. And this is my story: raising the banner of the LORD high for all to see and serving my King unto death.

Have you ever heard the term ‘standard-bearer?’ While not often a role today, a standard-bearer was one who bore the standard, or flag for the army. The flag would declare what they stand for, what their values were, and would inspire them to push forwards in the battle, against the challenges that would face them. It also would give direction, would show where the enemy was, and would not let the army be turned around. The standard-bearer would lead the charge, running on the front lines of battle.

Often, the flag-bearer would be targeted, because if the standard fell, the army could get confused, or even retreat. Therefore a picking up of the standard meant being willing to die for the cause.

In many ways, the role of a standard-bearer parallels that of a follower of Christ. In committing yourself to ‘trust and obey,’ and raise the standard of the Kingdom, you are resigning yourself to death. The death of self. You are resigning yourself to the cross of Christ.

For me personally, I feel this is my role in the army of God’s kingdom. To lead the charge holding the banner of the Lord high, and inspiring others to do the same. To bear it forwards even unto death. To step out in faith against the enemy. Therefore this blog will be about how the King would lead me to do that, and what He teaches me about Himself.