When Passion is Lost

Obviously, I haven’t posted for too long. About three months. Against all advice and understanding, I still failed to succeed in posting regularly. The few of you who follow me may have even thought to yourselves, “Welp, there goes another blog fail.” And perhaps this is true. Perhaps not.

Why did I stop posting after a measly three articles? Why did I stop pursuing things in my life, like college, language learning and building relationships with my family? Sure, I could say I was too busy. I certainly kept myself occupied. But the heart of the issue sprung from a failure in commitment.

Two things keep us pursuing our goals: passion, and commitment. We generally begin our pursuits with vigor, fiery passion and excitement. It makes our adventure enjoyable. Brings life into the journey. But when times get tough, when the struggle is real, and the passion begins to slip away, it’s commitment that keeps us going.

If there’s no commitment, we stop our pursuits. The moment a storm rages around us, dousing our passion and dwindling it to flickering embers, we halt. Why push forwards if you don’t feel like doing so? This is prolifically evident in our American culture.

From highschool dating to social media accounts, pursuits of learning and relationships with people or even companies, we move on when the forward thrust fades. We desperately lack something. We lack commitment. We say we’re committed. We say this is our dream. We say you are the person for me. We say that we’ll stick with each other “‘til death do us part.” We say we’re going to follow through with our goals. But we don’t.

We have a bad habit. We don’t place enough value on our words. We don’t stick to what we’ve declared. Our ‘yes’ is not a yes, nor our ‘no’ a no. People who truly stick to their word are few and far between. I say it yet again, that we lack commitment.

When are we going to stop and think before committing? Count the cost before we move forwards? Think before we act? When are we, as Christians, going to take a stand against lack of commitment and set an example of men and women of their word? I’m tired of not living up to expectations. I’m tired of failing to fulfill my promises, no matter how small. Aren’t you? Aren’t you tired of it all?

We need a change in behavior. We need a correction to our gait. We’re double-minded, undecided, chasing after whatever tantalizes us in the moment. We lack purpose when we lack passion. We lack commitment when we lack purpose.

But how can we know what to pursue? How can we know where to direct our strength? I ask you, is not our direction and purpose found in Christ, our God? Ah, but… God and I… we… we aren’t doing so well… Our relationship… it just feels kinda… long distance right now. Isn’t this where so many of us are? I know exactly how it feels. And I hate it. I know there are many of you out there who feel the same way. It. Is time. For this. To stop.

Have you counted the cost of living for Christ alone? It’s not cheap. It will cost you everything. Have you realized that and made your decision? Have you truly committed to follow Christ no matter the cost? What happens to you when your passion to follow Christ dwindles as He leads you into the valley of shadow, the valley of death of your selfish desires?

Can you stand on your promise? Or does it fall through? We must learn to choose our paths wisely, for commitment is never easy. Commitment means continuing on even when it’s not pleasurable. Commitment is what keeps couples together for 40+ years. Commitment is why humans can cling to the cross of Christ under torture and death. Commitment is why friendships last. Commitment is what makes one stand out from a world of people.

Let us truly consider the cost to follow Christ, make our decision, and then never look back. Let us learn to stand on that commitment in the midst of trial, and to let it be the reason we ever commit to anything else. Let it be the reason we cling to our Father when we can’t feel any emotion for Him. Let our commitment bring us back to our passion. Let us show the world what commitment is.

Have you ever stumbled after your passion waned?

Where do you want to change to truly be committed in your life?

Where are you truly committed now?

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  1. Amelie says:

    Absolutely true. Commitment is not valued enough in the world right now, but Christians should show the world what commitment truly means. Awesome post! I loved reading this. And welcome back!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Liam Andres says:

      Thank you, Amelie!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Laurel Jean says:

    Amen… completely.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Evad Mac says:

    G’day and thanks for sharing!

    I liked it when You said “Let us truly consider the cost to follow Christ, make our decision, and then never look back. Let us learn to stand on that commitment in the midst of trial, and to let it be the reason we ever commit to anything else” It makes so much sense. And you said earlier that we can be double minded. Its important that we focus on what’s important.

    You have asked some great questions at the end of your post, I really want to practice my commitment to understanding what it means to be a citizen of the kingdom of God and to walk in that freedom!

    Peace to you


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