You believe we have an adversary. You believe he works against us. But what action are you taking against him? He invades your camp, steals from your supplies, decieves you into turning from those who love you dearly. And for some of you, he decieves you into killing an innocent life.

Yet you remain oblivious. You do not rise up to fight. You allow the enemy to reside in your camp. We as believers have a big problem on our hands; that we have allowed the enemy to reside with us.

Just like the Israelites, we allow the enemy to make peace with us, and settle in our land! Millions of babies have been aborted by our unwillingness to fight! Billions of right relationships have been wounded, missed, or broken and unrighteous relationships preferred! Millions of lives have been wasted on themselves, rather than lived out for God, even though they call themselves followers of Christ!

Why do you sit there, doing nothing? We must rise and fight! We must rise and rebuild! Like in the days of Nehemiah, we must take our sword in one hand, and our trowel in the other. Push back the enemy! He does not belong diverting attention in our houses of worship! He does not belong wreaking havoc in our Christian families! Rebuild your walls. Guard your battlements. Repair your relationships. Take a stand against the enemy, in the full armor of God, and having done all, to stand firm.

Youth! You are called to far more than a false romantic relationship! You are called to far more than rebellion against your parents, and frustation or anger towards your siblings! You are part of a battle! Whether you like it or not, you are in it. Stand with me! Say no to sin and the works of the enemy, and say yes in humble obedience to God!

There is far more than living for yourself, far more than increasing your knowledge, or using your talents to bring yourself praise. There is a relationship you are missing out on. There is wisdom you forfeit. There is a God whom you know so little about! Ask Him! Ask Him to reveal Himself! Trust Him, and obey!

I say to all you who have not taken a stand: are you going to let the enemy steal these good things from you, right from under your nose? You wonder why you cannot find true peace or joy. This is why, that you have let Satan steal it. You shall find it in what the Righteous One gives to you! You shall find it in obedience to Him! Will you spend your days trying to please yourself, and never finding joy?

You lack purpose, or motivation you say. Well I give you one from the Wise King! Fight for His Kingdom! Win for the Lamb the reward of His suffering! Motivation comes by purpose. Find your purpose in serving the Father, and He shall give you vision and strength to see that purpose through.

There is a stirring among the hearts of men right now. And the enemy is afraid, and seeking to quench the fire before it fully awakes. But I say to take a stand. I say charge into battle. It will cost you your life! It will cost your your worthless pleasures! But it will be worth it all! It will gain you the greatest pleasure of all: knowing the Creator. So CHARGE!! CHARGE!!!

Rise up and drive out the enemy from among you! Drive him out of your home! Drive him out of your church! Rebuild your towers of refuge, and chase the enemy bacj to his gates! Tear down the strongholds he has put up against the Kingdom of God! Tear them down and burn them! God wants to set the peoples free! God wants to set you free! Obey His voice! Hear the call to battle, and fight!

There is a marching beat playing. Just join the ranks. If we die, we die together. When we live, we live forever. There is a tsunami of God’s love pouring over the souls of men. Just let it in. Let it cleanse your heart of sin. There is an awakening in the hearts of men. Just let it wake you. Don’t be angered at the stirring within you. Submit to the God who has always wanted what’s best for you. Always. And rest in that as you turn the enemy out.

We do not fight against flesh and blood. We do not fight against mankind. Our fight is with the power and principalities. Our fight is against Satan and his angels. And our victory is assured, for Christ has risen from the dead, and stripped Satan of all his authority.

When you come before the white throne, and you are judged by the Righteous Judge, you will stand accountable. Let not the words of His mouth say, “I do not know you, depart from me.” Let Him say “well done, my good and faithful servant!” Know your God! You call Him ‘Lord, Lord,’ but do not know Him! Seek His face. And abolish all evil in your midst by His strength.

His banner over us is love. And we shall conquer evil with good. Love conquers all, and perfect love casts out all fear. Love your God, and turn away from your sin. He will embrace you.

And if you are fighting, press on, soldier! You’re not alone. God has kept a remnant for Himself who seek His face.